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Whakapapa River

The Whakapapa River in New Zealand trickles off the Whakapapa skifield of Mount Ruapehu, down the western slopes of the mountain through Owhango before finally merging with the Whanganui River just east of Kakahi.

The Whakapapa River is the largest tributary of the Whanganui River and flows through native forest alternating between turbulent rapids, deep pools and long boulder runs. Typical of mountain streams the waters are cool, clear, fresh and natural and water clarity usually exceeds 15 metres.

Visitors to the river often remark on the energy, power, beauty and awe- inspiring nature of the river.

The river is regarded as one of “New Zealand’s finest trout fisheries” – all year round being a celebrated fishing area for brown and rainbow trout.

Much of the access is over private land so it is suggested that you ask us about access for fishing purposes.