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Farm Tours

We would be pleased to give you a guided tour of the farm by arrangement. You will travel on one of our farm vehicles to see all that is available including whatever daily and seasonal activities may be happening at the time. See Farm diary below for a guide.

The cost of this will be a modest charge to cover our expenses.


Farm with Mountains behind

Farm Diary


Scanning: We do ultrasonic scanning to find out how many ewes are in lamb, how many are going to have twins, triplets or ‘are dry’ which means they are not in lamb.

Shearing: we commence winter-shearing of our breeding ewes.

Mystery Creek Fieldays: we attend Mystery Creek Fieldays and provide information on the characteristics and performance of our Romney stud rams and how farmers can benefit from doing less work and making more profit. See here for more information if you are interested.


Winter shearing of our breeding ewes continues and is completed during July.

We also attend the Fieldays at Fielding and present information on our rams and the characteristics which assist farm success.

Samples of faeces are taken from all rams for laboratory testing to ensure that all stock has a high natural resistance to worms.


Lambing commences in late August and continues until the first week of October.

Shearing is undertaken on the rams being prepared for sale.


Feeding out of cattle in particular. A large undertaking with around 500 tonnes of silage fed out to stock.

Lambing continues during September.


Lambing finishes during the first week of October.

Docking; each paddock is mustered in to a handy set of yards for docking so the new lambs don’t have to go very far and there is less risk of lambs mis-mothering.


Ram Sales are the feature of this most important period in the calendar. During the first part of the month we are making preparations for the sale of rams and in the second part of November farmers are talking to us and visiting to select the stock they wish to purchase.  See  here for more information about our rams.

Ewe Hogget Shearing: Last year's ewe lambs that have been "wintered" are now "dagged" and shorn.


Shearing is undertaken on all stock remaining on the farm. This is the major shear of the year.


Harvesting of 30 hectares of grass is undertaken late in January which is used for winter feeding of silage to stock.

Early Weaning of new season lambs. 

February, March & April

Regular monitoring of stock including lambs and general farm work.